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Am I going to get hurt?
No one is going to hit you. It takes several sessions before you start sparring and even then it is severely controlled. Only the most senior grades do free sparring and injuries are very rare.
Do I need to be fit?
NO. ...but karate training will help to make you fit.
Will I learn how to defend myself ?
Yes - but not necessarily in the way you might think.
How often should I train?
At least once a week, preferably twice and you will make fast progress by training three times per week. Training once per week means that if you miss a session, there will be 13 days from one session to the next and you can lose a lot in that time. At a rate of twice per week, you can miss an occasional single session without losing form or fitness.
Do I need those strange white pyjamas?
No. You can train in slacks, shirt and bare feet (for Health & Safety reasons, we ask you to  remove or cover up jewellery)
What is the joining fee?
There isn't one. This is a members club and is not run for the profit. However, we have to charge a small amount each time you train  because we need to pay the instructors.
Can I come on my own?
Of course - but as with everything,  it is more fun if you bring a friend.
Will I meet people?
Most definitely. The karate club has a really welcoming atmosphere and has a good social mix. You will even get to shout at people. Very loudly.

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