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About the club

  • Canterbury Shotokan Karate club has a friendly atmosphere; we welcome anyone, of any age (8+) and have members of all ages, shapes and sizes!
  • We are a good club for complete novices – it is usual for all of our members to successfully pass on their first grading – this can be as soon as three months after you start.
  • Nobody is going to intentionally try to catch you out or hurt you– it would be the height of bad etiquette to do this  – Karate is a martial art that is based upon mutual help and respect.
  • Karate is excellent for general fitness and muscle toning – you will notice the change within a few weeks.
  • Although it takes dedicated training to master specific techniques, karate is useful for self –defence. Karate tends to improve confidence very quickly – an essential part of self-defence.
  • Karate helps you in your working life! The combination of exercise and discipline that make up this martial art can be carried into other aspects of your life. Many of our members report that they feel more able to carry out other tasks, due to the training that they have.
  • Many members of the club have formed strong and lasting friendships – we frequently hold social events that are family friendly, we also like to go out for a drink after weekday training sessions.
  • We are not affiliated to any religion and have an equal opportunities policy.
  • We are able to tailor training for specific learning or medical needs
  • If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact: 

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